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Aelyf the Scribe
Gorgeous. The art of this comic is breathtaking, and the overall feel of it is unmatched.

Beautifully drawn, wonderful characters... a great comic.

'A comic for the distinguished vampire': A really great read! (Back up)

Very cool fantasy comic.

I know you've heard about it, but let me tell you about it again: it's just amazingly, amazingly good.

Fantasy Lair
Links to excellent online comics.

I love the story, I love the atmosphere, I love the storytelling, and I love the beautiful pseudo-woodcut art.

I have immense respect for any webcomicker who creates an entire fantasy planet and then names her main character Joey. Seriously, it's a wonderful read and an absolutely charming comic.

Mary Sue
Hee hee! Cute obsessed-fangirl stick-figure webcomic!

So help us all, if our fates are controlled by the likes of those girls in Kizmet! ^_~

Mirabile Temporis
The sheer dedication it must take to do a comic almost entirely in watercolors is mindboggling. An interesting story and I'm curious to see where its going.

Because that little kid is just so CUTE! ^_~

Somewhere there is a planet inhabited by strange, mouselike creatures called Mousekaroos: here is their story. A fun comic with an engaging story and nice art. Quite good!

Dark, but likable, and a superbly done story.

I love this comic. Interesting story, hilarious gags, charming and memorable characters, drunken bandits... what more could you want? (last chance before you have to pay to read the archives. Don't miss it.)

Not Webcomics
(ranges from the useful to the completely irrelevant, in no discernable order.)

My friend's site of fanart!

And here is her site of animated gifs and other miscellenia The Archive of Misheard Song Lyrics
(OK... so its a tad off-topic...) Browse for misheard lyrics ('mondegreens') from your favorite songs and artists, or send in your own. A hilarious site.

Behind the Name
Best site I know for finding names and their meanings, and I've scoured the net for sites like this.
How names determine personality. Absolutely the largest listing of names I've ever seen, and interesting to compare people/characters to the numerically-derived descriptions they give. I prefer to take these things with several grains of salt, but every so often you find one that fits perfectly. ('Itea', for example.)
THE site for comic fonts.
More fonts of all shapes, sizes, and descriptions than you can shake a stick at.

The Gimp
Want a good computer art program without having to buy photoshop? Download the Gimp, for free!

Hosts the work of hundreds of thousands fantasy/sf artists/writers worldwide. Go see it!

Encyclopedia Mythica
Online mythology encyclopedia. The articles tend to be short, but its a great starting place.

Last Words
Yes, it is a database of people's/fictional characters' last words before dying. No, I do not know why I am linking to it. It's actually very interesting, though.

Middle School Comic Relief
Want a laugh? Click here. They're answers kids have given to tests, supposedly genuine, though nobody really knows for sure. Hysterically funny!

My Harry Potter site <[~8^)

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