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Character Bios

Eye color: Light blue/grey
Hair color: Black
Species: Half elf, half human
Age (approx.): 1800 (adult)
Rank/status: Wandering outcast.
Alignment: None/not yet determined.

Has been wandering around a human city in the mortal world for the past eight hundred years, and hasn't enjoyed a day of it.

Eye color: Dark red
Hair color: Light blonde
Species: Elf
Age (approx.): 2000 (adult)
Rank/status: Queen of the elves.
Alignment: Pro-Human

Stubborn, machiavellian, selfish, egotistical, power-hungry, proud, arrogant, impractical and genuinely altruistic.

"Never look down."

Eye Color: light blue/grey
Hair Color: light blond
Species: 3/4 elf, 1/4 human
Age (approx.): 800 (early teenage)
Rank/status: Prince.
Alignment: Pro-human, but not actively so.

Eye color: black
Hair color: black
Species: Half elf, half goblin
Age (approx.): 2000 (adult)
Rank/status: Leader of the movement to save the mortal world from humans.
Alignment: Anti-Itea; anti-human.

The villain. But that was always such a subjective term, anyway.

"He couldn't walk, so he taught himself to fly."

Eye color: blue
Hair color: blonde
Species: elf
Age (approx.): 950 (late teenage)
Rank/status: Peasant, leader of a small-scale resistance movement.
Alignment: Anti-Itea, anti-human

Possibly the most nave guerilla leader ever to launch a pre-dawn coup to overthrow the government.

"She had so many stars in her eyes, she couldn't see where she was going."

Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Red
Species: Elf
Age: Unknown
Rank/status: Itea's General
Alignment: Pro-Itea


Eye color: Dark
Hair color: Black
Species: Elf
Age: Unknown
Rank/status: High-ranking soldier in Itea's army.
Alignment: Pro-Itea